Artist Album Label Ctry. Year Number Vinyl Cover Price Details
18092000 TÖNEVarious ArtistAuBuMuDE1984NR 3M-M-12,50 €Pics & Description
287624-7 SPYZGumbo MillenniumIn EffectEU1990467120 1M-M-9,50 €Pics & Description
287724-7 SPYZHarder Than YouLondon RecordsEU1989828 167-1M-M-7,50 €Pics & Description
1646500 Ft. OF PIPEElectrifying Church Of The New LightBeard Of Stars RecIT2003BOSLP31M-M52,50 €Pics & Description
1366ABE DIDDY & THE KRAUTBOYS Follow (Lim red. copy)Kozmic ArtifactzDE2013ARTIFACT 10MM20,50 €Pics & Description
1844ABGELEHNTVarious ArtistHenko RecordsDE1985H 121301 TVM-VG+16,50 €Pics & Description
2602ABRUPTUMCasus LuciferiBlooddawnSE2004BLOODPLP 014M-M-14,50 €Pics & Description
1415AGUSATvaKommun 2SE2015KOMMUN2-33MM114,50 €Pics & Description
2823ALEXIS KORNERGet Off Of My CloudPolydorDE19752374 117M-M-17,50 €Pics & Description
3961ALEXIS KORNERAlexisPhilipsNL19716423 023VG+VG14,50 €Pics & Description
3831ALICE COOPERKillerWBDE1971WB 46 121VGVG14,50 €Pics & Description
557ALIEN SEX FIENDLiquid Head In TokyoRebel Rec.DE1985RE 009M-M-14,50 €Pics & Description
558ALIEN SEX FIENDThe Impossible MissionRebel Rec.DE1987RE 0055M-VG+9,50 €Pics & Description
2241ALIEN SEX FIENDThe Impossible MissionPVC RecordsUS1987PVC 6917M-M-27,50 €Pics & Description
3282ALMANACTsarNuclear BlastEU2016NB 3576-1MM14,50 €Pics & Description
2443ALWAYS WANTED WARSame (blue splatter)KrimskranzDE2016Krimskramz 009M-M7,50 €Pics & Description
2444ALWAYS WANTED WARC.R.E.A.M. (with insert)Black LakeDE2013BL016M-M-7,50 €Pics & Description
3962ANABISWer Will?Music Is IntelligenceDE0PM 1181M-M-22,50 €Pics & Description
3818ANTIPEEWEEMadness Unleashed (with patch)This Charming ManDE2015TCM058MM47,50 €Pics & Description
1543APE MACHINECoalition of the UnwillingHeavy Psych SoundIT2015HPS030MM22,50 €Pics & Description
1417APHRODITE'S CHILD666VertigoDE19756673 001M-VG+37,50 €Pics & Description
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