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viev- Artist Album Label Ctry. Year Number Vinyl Cover Audio Price Details
83CANI Want MoreVirginUK1981VS 422-12M-M-24,50 €Images & Description
85CANRadio Wavesn.o.l.DE1997CAN68M-M-24,50 €Images & Description
86CANRite TimeMercuryDE1989838 883-1M-M-18,50 €Images & Description
87CANOpenerSunsetDE1977SLS 50400M-M-32,50 €Images & Description
913CANLandedVirginUK1975V 2041VG+VG+27,50 €Images & Description
1946CANFuture DaysUADE1973UAS 29 505M-VG425,00 €Images & Description
949CANMonster MovieLibertyDE1973LBS 83 342 IVGG24,50 €Images & Description
961CANSoon Over BabalumaUnited ArtistUK1974UAG 29673VG+VG32,50 €Images & Description
1476CANFlow MotionHarvestDE19761C 062-31 837VG+VG17,50 €Images & Description
1765CANEge BamyasiUnited ArtistDE1972UAS 29 414 IVG+VG212,50 €Images & Description
621CANNED HEATHistorical Figures And Ancient HeadsUnited ArtistUS1972UAS-5557MM-15,50 €Images & Description
697CANNED HEATLive At Topanga CorralMetronome 2001DE1973Live At Topanga CorrM-VG+17,50 €Images & Description
698CANNED HEATThe New AgeUnited ArtistUS1973UA-LA049-FM-M-27,50 €Images & Description
1561CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTDoc At The Radar StationVirginDE1980202 870-320M-VG+17,50 €Images & Description
63CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTUnconditionally GuaranteedVirginUK1985OVED 66VG+VG+14,50 €Images & Description
64CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTShiny BeastVirginDE1978201425VG+VG+14,50 €Images & Description
65CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTMirror ManEdselUK1986ED 184VG+VG+12,50 €Images & Description
66CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTDoc At The Radar StationVirginDE1988202 870 -320VG+VG+12,50 €Images & Description
69CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTBluejeans and MoonbeansVirginUK1982OVED 19VG+M-17,50 €Images & Description
70CAPTAIN BEEFHEART2 Originals OfRepriseDE1976K 84006M-M-27,50 €Images & Description
1687CARAVANWaterloo LilyBrainDE1972brain 1010G+G+24,50 €Images & Description
196CARAVANBetter By FarAristaDE19771C 064-99 089M-VG+12,50 €Images & Description
1297CARDEILHACSameOhrwaschlDE0OWLP 034MM24,50 €Images & Description
1051CARL WILSONSameCaribouUK1981CRB 84840VG+VG+12,50 €Images & Description
617CARLOS PERON (Ex Yello)Gold For IronTeldecDE1989246 113-1M-VG9,50 €Images & Description
111CARMEN MAKIBlues CreationBlow UpJP1975CD-7162-AM-M-92,50 €Images & Description
1923CARNIVOROUS ROMANCEPretty As Cold Industrial JiveDE1987IJR02-11-8701-LA M-M-27,50 €Images & Description
232CARPETElysian PleasureElektrohaschDE2013EH 163MM32,50 €Images & Description
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